WAVE Team Scuba Diving Training Experience

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Guangzhou Vanguard Watersports Products Co.,Ltd  diving experience in Guangzhou Olympic Sports Center, this activity make us know more about the our products and enjoy diving.



The day before we were so exciting and chose scuba diving tools: scuba goggles, diving snorkels, diving flippers. Pick up the diving goggles fit our face, and took open heel dive fins or full foot fins that we preferred. On that day we went in Olympic Sports Center, we found the all scuba diving equipment has ready beside the diving pool. Before starting a dive coaches have done equipment checks to ensure everything is in good working order and available, includes BCD, gas tank, diving mask and diving fins etc.


First of all, coaches introduced how to use the breathing equipment, safety procedures and troubleshooting, also taught how to adjust dive mask, regulate the BCD to rise and descend ect. Then coaches helped us to put on all diving gear and let we practiced on the edge of the pool.


Next it’s hardest part, ear clearing. It is any of various maneuvers to equalize the pressure in the middle earwith the outside pressure, by letting air enter along the Eustachian tubes , as this does not always happen automatically when the pressure in the middle ear is lower than the outside pressure. We pinching nose to practice for a long time, when felt OK, descend a little more and kept on practicing, until we down to the end of the pool, then dived freely.

Coaches guided us to underwater diving, got use to swim with diving flippers, experienced underwater world, it’s amazing.


After the activity, our team had a meeting to exchange of views for our products after using them, communicate the advantages of different diving masks, scuba fins. This is a good way for us to make progress, like how to recommend suitable items to customer, introduce the features of different design.

So, quickly log on to our website www.wave-china.com to see all the WAVE products that is available, and start diving!