Fiji, a place that makes you feel worthwhile to travel

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Fiji is a destination that doesn’t need any filters to beautify.
It will be the best sea you have ever seen in your life. After seeing the sea in Fiji, I know that the sea has such rich and dreamy colors. Fiji has repeatedly ranked the most beautiful islands in the world. With countless pure coral vegetation and blue starfish, it is a paradise for diving lovers.
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Fiji is located in the South Pacific, an archipelago country east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga, and south of Tuvalu. It consists of 330 islands. The name of the country is derived from the Tongan word “island”. When I visited in 2014, the local tourism industry was very mature, and most of the tourists came from Europe, America and Japan. If you have the opportunity to go to Australia, you can also play with the two countries.

Overlooking the small island of Fiji

Why do I think it is worth it?
Fiji is not just a resort country with a luxurious lifestyle. On the contrary, this is a frugal destination, luxurious, with up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a night, a wonderland hotel with only one room on an island; there are also beautiful island resorts with high cost performance and less than $100. , Staying in a tree house hotel made of coconut bark by the locals, you can still wake up and see the 360-degree unlimited seven-color rainbow seascape.
The most fun in Fiji is island hopping

The most important thing is that this is an extremely safe country, 90% of the local indigenous people believe in Catholicism, and every passerby will say bula to you! Enthusiasm and kindness are the hallmarks of the Fijian people.
(One time, I was injured by snorkeling. The black aunt at the resort immediately took herbal medicine to me and was very careful!)
Regarding food, there is no fiji cuisine in the local area. You can eat Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Japanese cuisine on the island. Generally, resorts on small islands provide very mature European and American cuisine, and the taste is not bad.

Very fresh seafood

If you have the opportunity to go to Fiji, remember to hop more islands and live on different islands for a few days. Generally, the waters farther from the main island have more beautiful scenery.

The sunrise is also beautiful!

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