WAVE Team Happy Snorkeling Trip in Huizhou

WAVE Team Happy Snorkeling Trip in Huizhou

Next it’s hardest part, ear clearing. It is any of various maneuvers to equalize the pressure in the middle earwith the outside pressure, by letting air enter along the Eustachian tubes , as this does not always happen automatically when the pressure in the middle ear is lower than the outside pressure. We pinching nose to practice for a long time, when felt OK, descend a little more and kept on practicing, until we down to the end of the pool, then dived freely.

In August, 2017, WAVE team had a great tour in Double moon bay, Huizhou City, experienced the fishing, snorkeling and playing games to training our team work.

Our group set out at 9:00 am and arrived around 12:00 am. After lunch we could not wait to embark, launch out by the guide. Speedboat raced on the sea, we were so excited by the speed and scenery, blue sky, unlimited sea and beautiful islands.



20mins later the crew started to fishing, we watched and learned when he was adjusting the fishing equipment. It is so lucky we caught one fish. 


And then our most expecting activity was coming, snorkeling. Approached the islands, we saw many tourists were swimming, playing on the beach and surface snorkeling.

It was good time to experience our WAVE products, the guide surprised that we took all snorkeling equipment by ourselves, including different kinds of snorkel and mask, such as one piece diving mask, double windows scuba diving goggles, injection silicone diving mask, new item full face snorkel mask, children/adult snorkel mask, semi snorkel tube, full dry top snorkel tube, toddlers floatation suits, swimming fins etc.


We observed amazing corals in crystal clear waters, encountered brightly coloured fish and other underwater life with such incredible biodiversity. It’s pity could not take photos underwater, but we had a very happy time. When guide asked us to come ashore, we thought how time goes so fast.

In the evening we barbecued in the yard in front of the villa hotel, savoured sea food, enjoyed the night scenery. 

Next morning arranged various interesting games to training team skills and team capacity. In the beginning we worried games might be difficult, it took us some time to clear the rules, communicated how to cooperate with teammates, made a lot of jokes, at the end we loved the game even it’s not easy, because we felt the team work power, even though there are difficulties, everyone has courage to face and overcome with a team.

We had to back to Guangzhou in the afternoon. This trip is so wonderful and unforgettable, we expect next one.

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