If I want to learn swim, what equipment do I need to have

If I want to learn swim, what equipment do I need to have

There is some basic swimming equipment like swimsuit, swimming cap, swimming goggles, and Other equipment like chlorine removal products, warm clothing, and a swimming bag, now I will introduce them to you.


Among all the equipment required for swimming, swimwear is the most important, This is important if you are going to swim for a long time. Be sure to wear comfortable swimwear that wraps tightly around the body without loose fibers floating in the water. If you pick brand-name products, you might get a 128-grade spandex swimsuit, These products are more resistant to chlorine and mildew than other inexpensive swimwear, which is the main reason for their high price. If you swim every day, you should prepare at least two swimsuits, because if you put on your wet and cold swimsuit first thing in the morning, you will cry about it.
Swimming cap

There are roughly three materials for swimming caps: PU, silicone, and spandex. PU swim caps are the most popular, cheapest, and suitable for most swimmers, silicone swim caps are more expensive and have a longer life, but as soon as they break, they can no longer be used and are not easy to put on properly. However, no matter what type of swimming cap you are using, it should be fully dried after use, sprinkle some talcum powder on the swimming cap before putting it away, do not fold it at the bottom of the bag, and do not put it in a high temperature inside the car.

Swimming goggles.

The lenses of swimming goggles provide normal vision even in the water and also prevent eye discomfort from prolonged exposure to chlorine. The demand for swimming goggles by the swimming crowd has promoted the development of the swimming goggles market, making the variety of swimming goggles very rich, and modern materials and technologies have also produced many cheap, airtight, lightweight, and comfortable swimming goggles. But there may only be a small part of them that is right for you, so you should consider the following factors when choosing the swimming goggles that are right for you:

Goggles gasket:The gasket is a soft layer of material that surrounds the eye socket between the goggles and the face, there are several materials from which gaskets can be made: foam, silicone, and polyethylene. Swedish swimming goggles have no gaskets, which allow for the most perfect streamline and the most appropriate face contact surface, If your face shape is not exactly the same as the contour of the goggles, goggles with gaskets are more comfortable, If the shape of the goggles fits your face shape, silicone or polyethylene gaskets can also achieve a good seal and can effectively prevent microbes from attacking.

Anti-fog:This is a key point of whether swimming goggles are easy to use because the water around the goggles is cooler, and the air in the goggles is easy to condense into the water on the inner wall of the goggles, causing fogging.

Performance:For those of you who can't walk without glasses on land, you can also hope to get a clear view of the Great Pool Clock in the water, ask an optometrist to check you out to find out what you need in orthopedic goggles, or add myopia lenses to your goggles. Never swim with contact lenses, even in a clean swimming pool, or even the water in a seemingly clear ocean, lake, or river is swimming with microbes that are really harmful to your eyes, Bacteria will stick to your contact lenses more easily.

There is some auxiliary training equipment that can be added according to individual needs, such as training fins, which can extend the length of the legs and feet, making the water more efficient and faster, It can also improve ankle flexibility, improve leg strength, and mobilize more muscle groups to work, It can be used in conjunction with palm strokes, and when used properly, it can help you experience the feeling of support in the water. Then there is the back float of the floating board, the floating board is suitable for swimming enthusiasts at all stages. It can be used to polish part of the body movements during professional training, such as leg movements and hand movements, for daily swimming exercises, the floating board is used to enrich the training content, and beginner swimming is to increase the buoyancy through the floating board, adapt to the water environment, get rid of the fear of water. Finally, there are some other products. such as chlorine removal products, which can effectively wash the residual chlorine from hair and skin. Of course, don't forget to bring your warm items, sweaters, coats, or dry towels that can be used to keep warm. And finally, a wet and dry swimming bag is the most recommended!

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