After full and drunk, can I go swimming

After full and drunk, can I go swimming

Swimming can not only bring about the effect of fitness but also has a better effect on preventing diseases. However, some incorrect swimming habits are not only not beneficial to human health, but on the contrary, will cause great harm to human health, therefore, it is necessary to develop correct swimming habits when swimming. So in order to avoid these wrong habits, I will introduce some incorrect swimming habits and the harm they can cause.

Swimming immediately after meals

This is a serious departure from physiological requirements, as it affects the digestion of food. In the process of swimming, especially when we perform high-intensity exercise, the motor center in the brain is always in a state of excitement. At this time, a large amount of blood begins to fill up, and the blood in the stomach and intestines decreases accordingly. If swimming at this time, The digestive system is suppressed. Therefore, directly swimming without rest after eating will affect the digestion and absorption of food, and even turn into chronic gastritis over time. In severe cases, the gastrointestinal mesentery will be reversed due to the violent movement during swimming, which will cause the digestive system. related diseases.

Swimming after drinking alcohol

After drinking alcohol, the excitability of cerebral cortex activity will be destroyed, resulting in nervous system weakness, dizziness, and poor spirit, these phenomena are because ethanol has anesthetized the human nervous system, making the whole function of the person poor, resulting in a decline in the overall spirit, at this time, the response-ability and coordination of the human body will be weakened accordingly. If you still need to swim Exercise, not only can not have the effect of exercising but also can be dangerous because it can't deal with emergencies in the water in time. And alcohol has the effect of dilating the blood vessels on the surface of the human body, swimming after drinking will release the heat in the human body, which is also dangerous.

Swimming immediately after strenuous exercise

When people do strenuous exercise, the metabolic cycle will be significantly enhanced, and the body temperature will also increase significantly. Going to swim at this time, the body is suddenly stimulated by cold water, and the body temperature will drop immediately, so the body's resistance to viruses will be greatly weakened, and it is easy to cause a cold. Moreover, after strenuous exercise, you are already very tired, and the human body's muscle response ability will become weaker than in the normal state, resulting in uncoordinated movements, therefore, if you swim in this situation, it is very easy to have cramps, and then drowning, which is very dangerous. So after strenuous exercise, you must get enough rest before you can go swimming.

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