SPF/UPF of 50+ Rash Guard

SPF/UPF of 50+ Rash Guard

This summer you will have more fun with WAVE Rash Guard (Sun Protection Suit).

WAVE Rash Guard is committed to the best and lightweight material, has an SPF/UPF of 50+, which protects you from small abrasions and keeps your skin out of the sunburn. You can choose from any of the following categories such as long sleeve with front zip, long sleeve with higher neck, short sleeve with higher neck, short sleeve and one piece shorty version. Also, they come in all sizes and lots of different colors for men, women, youths and toddlers. Everyone should be able to find one that suits them. There are other benefits for WAVE rash guard: chemical free, safe and soft, good fitting, no fading, stylish and comfortable. Find out more about WAVE Rash Guard here:

SPF/UPF of 50+ Rash GuardSPF/UPF of 50+ Rash Guard

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