How to Choose Your Snorkel

How to Choose Your Snorkel

 How to Choose Your Snorkel

The followings are the steps in choosing a snorkel that is perfect for you:

  1. Start by placing the snorkel in your mouth with the snorkel barrel against your left ear.
  2. Evaluate how the mouthpiece feels – comfortable bite with relaxed jaw, lips seal against it without effort, no sharp edges against your gums, sits straight in your mouth.
  3. Attach the snorkel to your mask. Put the mask on and then try the snorkel in your mouth. Adjust the snorkel angle and the attachment as necessary for a comfortable fit.
  4. Try several snorkels and make the final decision based on color, optional features and personal preference. Do remember thata snorkel that fit and comfort are the most important factor.

Taking Care of Your Snorkel

Below are a few pointers for taking care of your snorkel:

  1. You should know how to attach your snorkel to your mask – how the clip, slot or snorkel keeper works so you can put it together at the dive site, if necessary.
  2. After each use, along with your mask, rinse your snorkel in fresh water and store it in a cool, out of direct sunlight, and dry place.
  3. When not in used, store it away from neoprene rubber to prevent staining of the silicone parts.
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