What's something really important for my diving?

What's something really important for my diving?

If you still have no idea what for your first scuba snorkeling, with no doubt you need fins, read this kindly, it has everything you wanna know about diving long flippers!

This fin has excellent kick responsiveness with a flex blade, which means it has very strong flexibility. We know that the water is strong and powerful when we swim, also the same as we dive, so take this, and the speed you dive will be increased by more than 30%

This fin is a full foot pocket design, we have S/M/L three sizes, but you can see this fin has an adjustable strap,, so don't worry about the size for your first try, but it is also very important you should select the corresponding size according to your standard size, if the instep is too high, you can choose a larger size.

Besides, It`s Non-slip sole design, which means the convex design at the bottom, so the bottom will increase friction and anti-skid.

It`s made of very high toughness material, so its quality is good, its foot cover is made by TPR, and its shoe sole is made by PP. And when you wear this, you can feel how comfortable it is, and the sole is very soft.

It also has drainage holes, so it won't make your foot feel uncomfortable when you land, it dries so fast that you even didn`t realize it!

The fin also has many different colors, like blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple, or you can CUSTOM your own color! By the way, logo printing is also acceptable!

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