Seven swimming tips to help double the fat burning

Seven swimming tips to help double the fat burning


Under the continuous high temperature, which sport is more attractive than swimming to lose fat? Learn how to lose fat by swimming that speeds up our weight loss efficiency, and here 7 tips to help you burn more fat.

1. The swimming time should not be less than 40 minutes

The optimal length of swimming for weight loss is 45-60 minutes, and the frequency of swimming is 3-4 times a week. At the beginning of swimming, the body is in the anaerobic exercise stage, energy consumption mainly depends on the anaerobic glycolysis of sugar, shortness of breath, and insufficient oxygen supply will not burn fat. In the state of intense exercise, energy supply is converted to aerobic metabolism to provide energy. Only after swimming for about 40 minutes, you do start burning fat.

2. Keep your heart rate around 80% of your maximum heart rate

No matter what kind of exercise, fat loss is directly proportional to the quality of exercise, especially swimming. Swimming to lose weight is a very easy way to lose weight. When swimming, you must keep your heart rate at about 80% of your maximum heart rate, so as to achieve the best weight loss effect.

3. Use intermittent swimming training

In low- to moderate-intensity aerobic training, interval training shocks high-intensity training, which helps the body burn calories faster. It is recommended to adjust the exercise and rest time during the swimming process. You can use the fast short-distance swimming method. Like the training of professional swimmers, divide the swimming into four sections, sprint 1-2 back and forth at the fastest speed, and between sections, rest for 15-30 seconds.

4. Use assistive equipment when relaxing the body

When you relax your body after exercising, you can choose to use auxiliary equipment, such as paddles, flippers, etc. to move your limbs, which will help to exercise the muscles of the limbs and increase calorie consumption.

5. Maintaining proper strokes while swimming

Proper strokes are very important. If the technical movements are not standardized, not only will the exercise goal not be achieved, but it may also cause joint damage to the body.

6. Scientifically plan diet

People have a phenomenon of "excessive recovery" after exercising. Obese people are often more hungry than before after swimming, If they do not control their diet after swimming, they will consume more energy, which is not worth the loss.

7. Choose the best time to swim to lose weight

The golden weight-loss period will double the effect. It is recommended that you swim about 2 hours after breakfast or 40 minutes after dinner. The metabolism of the human body is better in the morning, which is more conducive to exercise and fat burning, and the water temperature in the morning is relatively low. According to the principle of constant body temperature, the human body will automatically adjust the body temperature, and the body will burn fat and glucose to supplement the calories consumed. If you exercise before dinner, because swimming consumes a lot of physical strength, you will feel hungry and eat more. Therefore, it is recommended to start swimming 40 minutes after dinner, which not only has sufficient physical strength but also consumes calories.

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