How should I choose the right swimming goggles for my first swim

How should I choose the right swimming goggles for my first swim

For first-time swimmers, swimming goggles are the focus of all swimming supplies. Of course, you must choose it according to your own needs, but there are too many styles of swimming goggles on the market. How should you choose swimming goggles? The types of swimming goggles on the market can basically be divided into competitive swimming goggles, training swimming goggles, comfortable swimming goggles, special swimming goggles, and children's swimming goggles.

Competitive swimming goggles

In order to pursue faster speed during competition, professional athletes should consider more streamlined and water resistance. Therefore, competitive swimming goggles will be slightly smaller and less comfortable. At the same time, competitive swimming goggles are very expensive.

Training swimming goggles

Training swimming goggles refer to the swimming goggles worn by athletes and enthusiasts for long-term swimming training. Compared with the comfortable swimming goggles worn in ordinary times, it has certain advantages in the design of reducing resistance. The price is lower than that of the competitive swimming goggles, swimming enthusiasts can consider them.

Comfortable swimming goggles

Comfortable swimming goggles are the most common and most suitable for beginners. They have good comfort and are suitable for swimmers, there are many choices and the price is relatively low.

Special swimming goggles

Special swimming goggles are basically divided into myopia goggles and plating swimming goggles. So for friends who like outdoor swimming, plating swimming goggles are recommended. The coating on it can also reduce the irritation of the sun to the eyes.

Children's swimming goggles

For children, a pair of comfortable and leak-proof swimming goggles can play a good role in promoting children's learning to swim, and as the child grows, the size of the swimming goggles can also be adjusted by changing the nose buckle.


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