How many types of swimming caps do you know

How many types of swimming caps do you know

Now require wearing swimming caps before going into the swimming pools, so swimming caps have become a must in swimming equipment. The types of swimming caps can be roughly divided into cloth caps, mesh caps, PU swimming caps, silicone swimming caps, and various types of elastane swimming caps. And I will focus on several popular swimming caps on the market:

Silicone swimming cap

The advantage is that it is waterproof, fits the head, and is suitable for various head circumferences. The disadvantage is that the breathability, but it is acceptable, so it is generally to choose a silicone swimming cap directly because The most important thing for swimming is to consider waterproofness, and the comfort of the Silicone swimming cap compared with the PU material swimming cap and the cloth swimming cap still have a certain gap.

PU swimming cap

PU material swimming cap refers to the swimming cap with silicone coating on the outside of the cloth cap. It can be used as a choice for swimming training. There are a few styles to choose from. If you think the silicone swimming cap is too tight, you can try the PU swimming cap, It will be more comfortable to wear than the silicone cap, PU swimming cap also have better stretchability than cloth caps.

Cloth swimming cap

The cloth swimming cap is thin and breathable, and it is more comfortable to wear. Even if you wear it for a long time, it will not feel stretched. Compared with the other two kinds of caps, it is cheaper. The cap is arguably the most suitable for beginners, with a variety of styles and comfortable wearing. However, its waterproofness is not good, and its elasticity is not good enough, so it is more suitable for people with less hair.

Choice of swimming cap:

1.If it is one-time swimming, you can choose an ordinary cloth cap. Of course, high quality and low price are the first choices.

2. For general swimmers, it is recommended to choose a silicone swimming cap, because it has good elasticity, can also fit the head circumference well, also can prevent the hair from directly touching the swimming pool, and has the effect of keeping warm in winter.

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