Don't know what to choose for dive? Read this!

Don't know what to choose for dive? Read this!

This product is our scuba snorkeling diving mask, It can use for scuba diving, snorkeling, free diving, and even daily swimming.

Window mask
It`s 3-window design with an enhanced panoramic view. Having a multi-window mask can provide you with a wide range of peripheral vision.

The lens is made oh high quality,no-fogging,tempered glass, allowing you to see all underwater creatures, crystal clear.

Adjustable buckles
Freedom of movement and helps the skirt seal better. The adjustable buckles allows you to fit the mask to face with ease.

Dry top
Full dry top and purge valve system means no more swallowing water.

Soft mouthpiece
Super-soft silicone mouthpiece keeps your jaw comfortable and leaves no aftertaste.

This items also have many color, like black+blue, black+yellow, black+orange, black+gray, black+navy, black+cyan...

And the mask`s weight are about 183g, length are 17cm, width are 8cm, and height are 11cm. While the snorkel weight are 145g.

So if you have no idea what to buy for your first diving, or you don`t like the swimming goggles or else, take this! So that you can explore the amazing underwater world.Don`t worried about the product quality, because its material is silicone and tempered glass.

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