Can I wear a bikini when swimming? How to choose a swimsuit

Can I wear a bikini when swimming? How to choose a swimsuit

A swimsuit is one of the most important pieces of equipment when swimming, and a swimsuit with a comfortable and innovative design can make you feel more confident in the pool!

Competitive swimsuit

Athletes usually wear competitive swimsuits during competitions, When it comes to competitive swimsuits, the most famous is probably the "sharkskin" swimsuit. Phelps won several gold medals in the Olympics wearing this swimsuit. The bionic structure of the "shark skin" swimsuit imitates the design of shark skin, which can effectively reduce the resistance and increase the swimming speed by 3% to 7%, and even the subsequent products have the effect of increasing the buoyancy. After 2008, FINA made restrictions on the swimsuits of the competition, and the swimsuits were worn by the players in the, therefore competitive swimsuits are not a suitable choice for ordinary enthusiasts.

Training swimsuit

In the usual swimming activities, the training swimsuit is undoubtedly the best choice. Training swimsuits are a good choice for swimming enthusiasts. This type of swimsuit design is more suitable for swimming but does not lack the comfort of competitive swimsuits. It is a good choice for swimming exercise. Compared with ordinary swimsuits, training swimsuits are better in terms of fabric use and fit.

Casual swimsuit

The so-called civilian swimsuit can also be called a casual type, with the pattern design will not make the swimsuit look too monotonous. When playing in the water at the beach, the casual swimsuit is loose and comfortable, and there is always one of the many styles that you like. Men are generally looser in design, and women have two categories: one-piece and bikini style, there are many styles and designs also choices, the comfort is different from that of training swimsuits, but playing water is still good. But if you want to do swimming training seriously, I still recommend choosing a suitable training swimsuit.

Children's swimsuit

Of course, don't forget to buy a suitable children's swimsuit for the children, wearing beautiful clothes, the children's interest in learning to swim is also stronger. The choice of children's swimsuits is actually relatively simple, and one-piece swimsuits are a good choice, However, try to avoid bikini styles or sunscreen wetsuits. Bikinis cannot prevent the friction between the straps and the skin when children wear auxiliary equipment such as flotation like a one-piece swimsuit, It can help the child maintain body temperature, but it is not comfortable after landing, and the material too thick will also affect the child's sense of water.


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