Basic Equipment for snorkeling

Basic Equipment for snorkeling

Diving Mask

If you can only afford one piece of dive gear, buy a mask! A high-quality, comfortable scuba diving mask that fits your face well is the difference between a pleasant dives or a miserable underwater experience. Take your time selecting a mask and bring it with you on your dive trips. Although a rental masks will get the job done, but having your own personalized mask will make a significant difference in your comfort level underwater.

Diving snorkel

A snorkel is a very personal piece of equipment. Together with a diving mask, when underwater, the snorkel is always in your mouth, and lets you breathe while you look below. Whether you use your snorkel a lot while exploring the local dive site between scuba dives, or just occasionally to swim back to the boat after surfacing, you’ll appreciate that a good diving snorkel will makes your surface time easier.

Diving Fins

Most divers find that owning their own personalized set of fins (and dive booties, if appropriate) makes them more confident underwater. The reason is that rental fins come in such a variety of lengths, styles, and stiffness that it is hard to predict exactly what you will get when renting diving fins. This is especially true for divers with unusual fin sizes. Thus, it is very important to have your own personalized diving fins.

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