Water sports like scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, swimming etc, among which is your favourite?

Most people prefer to scuba diving. And they, especially most of the divers, find there are addiction forthcoming of scuba diving. Once they finished diving, they can’t help to start planning for the next one.
They found there was no such a thing as scuba diving, which brought a whole new amazing world of underwater, where you can see color coral, beautiful fish and shipwrecks, experience exciting drift diving and wreck diving along with everything else that you will discover there.

All about scuba diving and Enjoy!
Basicly the “scuba” is shorted for “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”, while scuba diving is going underwater, with a tank of compressed air on you back and you breathe the air in through a regulator, then you are able to swim / float around underwater.

So will you want to have a try on scuba diving? Below are the necessary scuba diving equipment.

First comes to the scuba diving mask, it let you to see the underwater. There are a separate mask and a full-face snorkeling mask. The diving mask is used for free diving and surface breathing, while the full face snorkeling mask is suitable for surface snorkeling; The most popular design of diving masks are the one that made of tempered glass and silicone material, and black is more favor.

The second equipment is snorkel, it allows you to breathe, make you comfortable and can save some air. Usually you may find snorkels in dry top , semi-dry top and no dry top designs, choose one fits you the best. Silicone material is the best and works well.

The third one is fins, with which you can move easily underwater. There are full foot and open heel fins. You can go with bare foot on full foot fins, while you need to wear a boot with open heel ones and pull the strap over them.

The fourth one is neoprene boot, which is used for beach shoes and open heel diving fins.

Another equipment is wetsuit. Most of them are made of neoprene, some keep you warm underwater, and some protect you from scrapes and stings. They can be full body (full arms and legs) or a shorty(short or no arms and short legs).

There are also buoyancy compensator (BCD), regulators, dive computer, dive watches, dive lights and weight belt etc..

All about scuba diving and Enjoy!
After having above equipments, you can go scuba diving, of course you must be taught to dive, or along with coach or certified divers, or be certified, here recommend some top diving destinations: Yongala, Australia; Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia; Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea; Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island; Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea; Navy Pier, Western Australia; Manta Ray Night Dive, Kailua Kona, Hawaii; Elphinstone Reef, Egyptian Red Sea; Ras Mohammed, Egyptian Red Sea; Richelieu Rock, Thailand etc..

If you wanna experience more about water, except scuba diving, you may need swimming goggles, swimming caps, kickboards, swimming suits(floatation suits),swimming wear, bikini etc for swimming, T-shirts, Yoga apparels and performance sportswears for land sports.

Hope your diving journey more fun with above scuba diving information. Life is a beautiful journey. Do sports and Enjoy!

All about scuba diving and Enjoy!